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Resume for Jeff H. Parrish

sacramento node.js and javascript developer

Google Doc CV

Proficient, fast moving full stack JavaScript developer, with a C# background and grounded user experience principles.

My ideal team has great camaraderie, gets things done, enjoys their work, and helps manage their own infrastructure with simple tools and documented processes.

Core skills

  • JavaScript - 5+ years
  • Golang ~ 1 year
  • React.js - 1 year
  • HTML, CSS, LESS, SCSS - so much
  • Node.js - 5+ years
  • Angular.js 1.x - 3 years
  • MongoDB - 4 years
  • Nodewebkit / nw.js / electron (desktop JavaScript apps) - 3 years
  • C# / .NET / Mono - 2 years
  • JSON REST API development - 5+ years


  • Building MVPs and prototyping
  • New databases and custom caching or database microservices
  • Data visualization / analytics / graphing / D3
  • Node.js, Golang, React with Redux
  • React native
  • Mocha / automated testing
  • UX bikeshedding
  • Overly simplistic implementations
  • Estimating / delivering on time
  • Easy deployments

Other skills

  • Excellent communication
  • Productive, efficient remote worker
  • Payments
    • Stripe, PayPal, Forte, Braintree
  • Redis
  • CouchDB
  • SQL
  • Shell scripting
  • DevOps
    • is a state of mind
    • shell scripting
    • Google Cloud Platform
    • Jenkins, Bamboo
  • Git, GitHub, BitBucket, Stash
  • Project management
    • Agile, sprint planning, sprint cell lead
    • Jira, Assembla, etc
    • Kanban
  • SMTP, building TCP services


Software Developer for ClickVox (Digium Inc)


Bringing phone communications into the 21st century. Building a mobile-first platform for small businesses to collaborate triaging inbound calls, making outbound calls, and messaging, via iOS and Android mobile apps.

Node.js microservices and mobile apps interfacing with scalably hosted Asterisk instances. React-Redux, MySQL, Respoke platform integrations, scrum and kanban.

Senior Developer for Respoke (Digium Inc)

2014 - 2016

Full stack developer building a WebRTC and phone system PaaS developer platform. Built several frontend properties - developer tools, marketing, documentation generation - in Angular with Node.js build processes. Microservice backend API development in Node.js wth MySQL, Redis.

Lead full stack developer on a WebRTC based Slack/Hipchat clone that includes screensharing, audio conferencing, video chat, automatic meme generation, emoji, instant video-to-gif sharing, and file sharing. Node.js, Angular 1.x, MongoDB, scrum, kanban.

Senior Developer and Project Manager (Clevertech)

2013 - 2014

Built MVPs (minimum viable products) for startups and tested the results in the marketplace. Worked directly with external clients and investors.

Managed a remote team of developers and designers scattered across the globe building for the web, iPad, iPhone, and Android. Using the open source, custom Cleverstack - Node.js, Express, Angular for web apps. Backed by MongoDB and Redis.

Architect and lead API developer of next generation soccer app for World Cup teams. Built a heavy data-driven business application.

  • Automated testing in JavaScript and Objective-C.
  • Developed success measures for MVPs and iterating quickly when failing.
  • Worked with businesses to refine their startup idea, and turn it into a product.
  • Use project management ticketing and source control systems to track team productivity.
  • Milestone and sprint planning.

UX and UI design and prototyping, Agile, JavaScript, Node.js, Angular, MongoDB, Objective-C, iOS/iPad/iPhone, UI automation testing for Node and iOS, unit testing, quality assurance, API integrations, JSON over REST development, push notifications, SMS, AWS, CSS3 and JS animations, Jade, Mustache templating, Git, Jenkins.


2010 - Present

Building websites and web applications on a consulting basis. About 3 - 5 small projects per year. Node.js, Stripe, Backbone, jQuery, React, and many other technologies.

Web Developer (VSP Vision Care)

2011 - 2013

Full stack application development for internal productivity and reporting apps. C#, DB2, MS SQL Server, VB, Node.js, Angular, jQuery, JavaScript templating, UI-heavy apps, graphing, LESS.

Innovated consistently and saved VSP six figures yearly by creating turnkey web solutions and working under heavy constraints. Built very business-specific and detailed applications with complex workflows.

Acted as lead web developer for Customer Care Division, supporting VSP’s award winning, world class call center. Managed and technologically overhauled massive custom CMS knowledge base receiving 3 million pageviews per month.

Organized a No Shave for November fundraiser for hurricane Sandy victims.

Associate Program Director (Recovery Happens Counseling)

2008 - 2011

Started as therapist seeing teens, young adults, and families in private practice. Grew into program director role and continued seeing clients. Speaking and training for schools and parents.

Developed practice management software for mental health as a side project, which eventually blossomed into a software development career.

Some projects


  • BA Psychology, CSUS 2008
  • BA Philosophy, CSUS 2008
  • Masters Social Work, CSUS 2011
  • ~3 year student neuroscience lab assistant
  • online programming courses
  • avid consumer of programming and startup blogs, books, and podcasts


  • upon request