12. August 2016

VS Code, npm run-scripts, and mocha

vscode touts itself as being easy to use for out-of-the-box Node.js debugging - which is true for single scripts - but debugging node-based executables (npm, npm scripts, mocha) takes additional setup based on your environment.


19. April 2016

Packaging Node.js Apps for Easy Deployment

After 5 years in Node land, there’s nothing sadder than taking hours to deploy your new app. It was a breeze to develop and run locally. Throwing it on staging or production can become a beast of a task if you aren’t careful. There are so many guides with complicated deploy and server setup patterns, because Node and npm, plus build tools need to be installed on the server.

Easy deploys and easy rollbacks are my goal here. I usually just don’t want to hassle with a bunch of infrastructure. Docker is probably a nice tool if you have 50 servers, but that isn’t the case for most of us.


15. April 2016

What I Learned in a Two Week Microservice Bug Hunt

After a few years building platforms using (mostly) Node.js microservices, I thought I could troubleshoot problematic situations in minimal time, regardless of coding style, or lack thereof. It turns out - nope.